For The Love of Feet


I have had a hiatus in blogging.  No I am not the type of person who can just bash something out, I need inspiration and this morning I got it.

I received my RAA Magazine (Reflexology Across America) in the mail yesterday, but having a banquet to attend I did not find the time to look at it last night.  So this morning over a leisurely cuppa I sat down to read.

How excited I was when I came across the first article (I read my magazine back cover to front for some reason) that really piqued my interest, it was on Sally Kay’s Reflexology Lymph Drainage DVD.  This DVD is so well done and easy to follow and understand and such a wonderful introduction to the class.  Having both watched the DVD and taken the class and seen the results clients get I am a firm believer.

The second article that caught my eye was about Sue Ricks and her training for Babies & Children Gentle Touch Reflexology.  Again, I have been blessed to have some training with Sue and look forward to doing more.  The gentle work always gets such enthusiastic comments and clients are so glad to know that therapeutic does not have to mean painful.  Reading this was like having Sue sit next to me on the couch and chat.

So really I guess today I just wanted to give a shout out to the Reflexology Association of America  for all the hard work they put in to keeping their members informed on quality continued education among other things.  And also to celebrate the well deserved recognition that both Sally Kay and Sue Ricks got in our latest magazine.

If you are a USA based reflexologist I would like to encourage you to look at joining the RAA if you are based overseas look into joining a non profit organization in the country you live in.

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As always I wish you health and success, whatever that looks like for you personally.


Good Things Come in Small Packages


Somewhere between the craziness that is Black Friday and the mania of Cyber Monday lies the subtle and often forgotten Small Business Saturday.

If we all made a conscious effort not just this week but regularly to support a local small business our communities would grow and thrive.  Small business owners are more likely to put money back into the community than the large corporate ones.  Why? I hear you ask.  Because we live there, we want to see other small businesses and the area as a whole thrive.

Often the perception is “I can’t afford to shop small, it is too expensive,”  yet that is not necessarily the case.  For instance there is a little local grocery shop in New Paris called Neighbors Countryside Market that is not much more expensive than a larger chain supermarket.  I have a friend who sells high quality ingredients and Manuka Honey online  these products far outshine what you can get at the superstores.  Take a little time this year, find a local business or several of them that you can support regularly.

Small businesses are everywhere and have everything from fixing your car to empowering and maintaining your health.  The service you get will be one on one and the person you are speaking to will be happy to either answer your question or research things so that the next time they see you not only will they remember you but they will be able to give you an answer to your question.

Let us the small business person put a smile on your face this year and every year you won’t regret it.   Let us help you.

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Stretching It!

trikonasana-929846_1280Who knows what got into me, but I suddenly felt the urging to train to teach basic Yoga.  Yes I know Yoga classes can be filled with strange jargon and ideas, but you can do with it what you decide and my reason for making this decision, to be able to help people to see and feel the benefits of stretching without all the side issues and jargon, to gain core strength and stability and the body to function better.

My goal was and is to help clients and others to learn how to stretch safely, avoiding stretches that may stop their body healing or exacerbate an injury they already have.

When I arrived at my training I was thrilled to meet with a local Massage Therapist that I used to work alongside many years ago.  So not only did I undergo some pretty intense training but managed during lunch times to catch up with another wellness professional.

My first full day of training was also the fourth time in my life that I had ever done Yoga!  What I had failed to notice in all three of the classes I had attended the amount of core strength that can be developed by doing Yoga poses properly.  By the end of the last day of the training I was exhausted and so ready to get home and relax.

Excited I have ventured out and so far held two classes that both the participants and I have enjoyed, also mentioned  feeling benefit and noticing muscles they had not used in a while.  I can see me looking for more venues to use in the future.  I would say that reflexology and Yoga style stretching go hand in hand nicely to promote whole body health and strength.

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To Each Their Own

board-953161_960_720I was a little sad  when chatting with someone who employs Massage Therapists about Reflexology.  It seems that they get their Massage Therapists to add a few minutes in with the massage.  I cannot understand the concept.  How do you add just a couple of minutes of something and hope for it to be of any benefit?  It is possible to combine both of these unique stand alone treatments, but both need to be given more than just a couple of minutes.  I know of yet another that crosses the bounds by offering facials yet is not trained as a Beautician.  More and more lately there is talk of  Reflexologists who with no formal Aromatherapy training are using essential oils on their clients.  Just last week I went to receive a reflexology session from someone I had not been to before, after the session I tried to encourage the person I had seen to attend some continuing education telling them how much I enjoyed doing so and how they benefited me and my clients only to be told that they did not need to continue training as this person was empathic and goes to others receives one treatment and then instinctively knows how to do it.

What ever happened to professional courtesy?  What happened to staying within our scope of practice?  Has this all gone out the window and if so why?  The prevailing attitude that you can learn how to do something hands on by watching a couple of you tube videos scares the life out of me.

Do not get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for those who practice other modalities, but please do not negate what I do as I would never suggest that others do a little back rub, mix oils together or even jab a few needles in arms and legs etc.  Neither am I suggesting that if you do not do things my way you are wrong, there are many ways to achieve wellness.

I guess what I am wanting you the reader to take from this is, do not be afraid to ask what training someone has undergone and if they take continuing education classes to keep up with things.  After all you wouldn’t go to the butcher for neck surgery, make sure whatever therapy you choose that you practitioner is qualified.

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Wishing you good health



What Did You Find and the Reflexologist

detective-1424831_1280Those words a reflexologist dreads at the end of a session……… “What did you find while you were working on my feet?”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand you are coming to me either because you have an issue that want help resolving, or maybe you are on a maintenance once a month schedule now and have an interest in what is going on in your body.

The point I try and get across is that it is so much more important for you to evaluate how you feel after your session than to know what I was feeling.  Remember I am not a licensed physician, and if I were I would likely want to run tests before telling you there was an issue of any kind.  I promise if I feel anything that is terribly untoward, I will recommend that you pay a visit to your family doctor.  But on the whole my goal is to get you more in tune with your body so that you can feel the benefits that your reflexology sessions are having for you.

Am I going to promise to get rid of whatever ailment you have?  No.  I cannot do that, but I can assure you that reflexology is beneficial for many things such as muscular aches and pains, migraines sciatica, recovery from surgery, managing symptoms of secondary lymphodema and auto immune disease to name but a few.  As a friend of mine says, bring me your feet and I will work on them, relax and your body will take over and do the rest.

Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your reflexology needs.

Bernette Todd

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