Bernette’s Story


Bernette is one of a handful of reflexologists to be listed in Indiana on the Reflexology Association of America that has qualifications that register her at a professional level.

I travelled to England from New Zealand in 1986 to train in Massage and Aromatherapy, after gaining my diploma in 1987 I embarked on my new career. After a number of years in the natural health field I felt the desire to expand my knowledge and continued my education with a year long practitioner course in Reflexology.

I was continually astounded by the results clients were getting with regular treatments and this quickly became my treatment of choice. I eagerly continued with further education in my chosen field doing numerous workshops and seminars to learn new techniques.

It was in 1999 that I became aware of some research by Lynn Booth for a treatment protocol called Vertical Reflex Therapy, I not only trained in this method but also taught it as well as teaching a year long  reflexology ITEC for practitioners class for a period of time before leaving England to come to the USA in 2001.

Since living in the USA, I have taken training in a number of different Reflexology techniques and am a professional member of The Reflexology Association of America , CST I with the Upledger Institute and several other Massage techniques including Warm Bamboo Massage.

I continue to this day to undertake workshops that will be taught by leading professionals in the field of reflexology when they travel to the USA. It was back in October 2015 that I heard of a Caregivers Spa Day at the Retreat (part of Goshen Hospital) and I contacted the organizers to see if they may like to have a Reflexologist there, it was quickly set up and while I expected to maybe have a few people come and see me that could not get in to see a massage therapist that day I was overjoyed to find a line of caregivers waiting to see me (one of those days where you wish you could clone yourself to assist more people).

I hope that you will allow me the privilege of assisting you with your wellness needs.